Les Millie

#32 Les Millie

41 year old Les Millie is the next to be added to the list. Proud Scotsman Les started in 1987 with the Kirkcaldy Kestrels before moving up to the Fife Flyers. In 1992 he moved to Sheffield with the Steelers and after spells at Solihull, Coventry, Edinburgh and he came to Slough in 2007/08 where has played 28 games. A tough no nonsense player from the old school Les did the business all through his career and despite the Jets fan seeing him play his penultimate season before retiring he was always on the money and enjoyed the 2008 Play-off win at Coventry. After the 08/09 season with Blackburn “Laser Les” announced his retirement. His Jets stay was 28 games, he scored 20+15 and sat 34 penalty minutes.

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