Terry Miles

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Terry Miles suffered a career ending injury in an Under 19 game, which nearly resulted in the losing of his leg. Instead of accepting that he fought back for a chance at a senior career his junior promise had very much earned him. Terry was never the biggest player in stature on the ice but he made up for that with passion, determination and speed. Despite his small size he was happy to play a physical game which resulted in a second career ending injury when he suffered a hand injury. Terry again returned to the sport, showing his sheer strength and determination. He played for his home town club until 2007 when he left to play at Guildford for two seasons. Two further seasons at Bracknell were followed by a return home where he finally got to achieve a career ambition when he lifted the 2012 Play-off trophy with his home club. Terry played 231 Jets games, scoring 34+44 and attracting 296 penalty minutes. He retired in 2013 to pursue his dream career working with animals.

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