Legends Lookback 26

One Year Ago

Slough Jets made the journey to the Guildford Spectrum to take on the Flames for the first time on the road this season.

EPL_GUIGuildford Flames 3 Slough Jets 6
English Premier Ice Hockey League & Premier Cup Match

Slough took the lead with the opening goal at 16.22 and Darius Pliskauskas quickly followed up with the second at 18.54 and the visiting team enjoyed a 0-2 scoreline at the first break.

Guildford pulled a goal back early in the second at 25.15 from Milos Melicherik but Ales Padelek reopened the two goal margin at 28.54 finishing from Tomas Fojtik. Padelek struck again at 30.18 for 1-4 an even a strike at 33.30 from Marcus Kristoffersson did little to change the dynamic of the game as Matt Towalski found the back of the net at 37.36 ending the second period 2-5.

Just 265 seconds into the final period Padelek struck for the third time completing his hatr-trick and at the same time Mark Lee left the net to be replaced by James Hadfield. The back up goaltender played out his 15.35 with a clean sheet as Slough had already sealed the win but Tom Duggan added a consolation goal with a powerplay strike at 59.42.

Guildford: Duggan 1+1; Melicherik, Kristoffersson 1+0; Savage, Longstaff, Kohut, Lundin 0+1. Net: Lee (44.25) 31/6 & Hadfield (15.35) 7/0
Slough: Padelek 3+0; Fojtik 0+2; Towalski, Pliskauskas, Koulikov1+0; Davies, Richardson 0+2. Net: Rockman (60.00) 38/3

Period scores: 0-2/2-3/1-1
Shots On Goal: 38-38
Penalty Minutes: 32-47
Referee: M Thompson. Linesmen: A Cook & A Korsaks
Attendance: 1573

Two Years Ago

The second of the weekend’s two games between Slough and Guildford took place at the Spectrum.

EPL_GUIGuildford Flames 6 Slough Jets 3
English Premier Ice Hockey League & Premier Cup Match

Slough took the lead at 1.54 with a goal credited to Alex Barker, deflected into the net of a Guildford player but Rick Plant levelled up 21 seconds later with an unassisted goal. Guildford were well on top by the interval with further goals coming at 13.29 from Stuart Potts and a powerplay strike at 18.27 from David Savage.

The home team’s lead was further stretched at 27.22 with another powerplay strike, this one from Curtis Huppe and 39 seconds later Branislav Kvetan scored a shorthanded goal to make it 5-1. With no apparent road back it was a vital strike made by Tomas Valecko at 36.25 to keep Slough in the game.

Ben Campbell made it 6-2 at 43.11 with a good start to the final period by the home team before Slava Koulikov pulled back a goal at 49.34 with a powerplay goal to reduce the gap to three goals. The final 10 minutes passed by scoreless with neither team being their netminding opponents and Guildford took the second win of the weekend.

Guildford: Huppe 1+2; Longstaff 0+3; Savage 1+1; Potts, Plant, Campbell 1+0; Liddiard 0+1. Net: Lee (60.00) 34/3
Slough: Bakrlik 0+2; Barker, Valecko, Koulikov 1+0; Connolly, Kieras 0+1. Net: Rockman (60.00) 36/6

Period scores: 3-1/2-1/1-1
Shots On Goal: 34-26
Penalty Minutes: 58-28
Referee: M Thompson. Linesmen: S Hogarth & R Belfitt
Attendance: 1520

Guildford: Lee, Liddiard, Savage, Greenfield, Potts, Plant, Melicherik, Longstaff, Holland, Hadfield, Kvetan, Kohut, Huppe, Campbell, Skene, Hemmings, Sharp, Lundin
Slough: Scott, Wales, Greener, Barker, Connolly, Davies, Rose, Godfrey, Miles, Pliskauskas, Kieras, Towalski, Milton, Rockman, Valecko, Koulikov, Bakrlik

Three Years Ago

Slough journeyed to Guildford for the first Flames vs Jets encounter at the Spectrum this season with league and cup points up for the taking.

EPL_GUIGuildford Flames 4 Slough Jets 1
League & Cup Match

Slough Jets scored the first goal of the game with Adam Calder netting at 11.47 but conceding a powerplay soon after saw the lead nullified with Branislav Kvetan netting a powerplay goal at 13.28. Greg Chambers the netted another powerplay goal on the next Slough penalty at 16.10 and the home team ended the period 2-1 after outshooting their opponents 12-6.

The middle period saw more special teams, this time with the home team bearing the bigger burden but with just 2.04 left in the period it was 3-1 when Guildford netted a shorthanded goal from Ben Campbell.

There were more penalties through the third period as well called by referee Joy Tottman including a 2+10 check to the head to Doug Sheppard but the only goal of the period came via another powerplay opportunity when Rick Plant scored at 57.29. With just a second left in the game Sheppard was awarded a 10 minute misconduct which resulted in a game penalty as well.

Guildford: Kvetan 1+1; Savage, Melicherik, Huppe 0+2; Plant, Chambers, Campbell 1+0; Longstaff 0+1. Net: Lee (60.00) 25/1
Slough: Calder 1+0; Sheppard 0+1. Net: Rockman (60.00) 34/4

Period Scores: 2-1/1-0/1-0
Shots On Goal: 25-34
Penalty Mintues: 14-58
Referee: J Tottman. Linesmen: R Cooper & A Lack
Attendance: 1362

Four Years Ago

Slough skated out on their home ice to face the league leaders when the Guildford Flames visited with the season series tied at 1-1.

EPL_GUISlough Jets 3 Guildford Flames 7
Guildford fell foul of the referee early on and picked up a bench minor served by David Longstaf for an icing infringement followed quickly by a tripping minor to Martin Masa and a boarding penalty to Lucas Smital. With the first penalty expiring Longstaff stayed in the box and Masa duly returned to the ice at 5.09, picking up the puck from Stuart Potts to score shorthanded. Longstaff then scored the visitors second at 16.44 with a delayed penalty called on Michael Bowman.

Back in the second period Slough outshot their opponents but couldn’t find the back of the net while Guildford extended their lead. Nathan Rempel netted at 27.39 to make it 0-3 and when Longstaff scored his second at 31.22 Slough called their time-out.

An early Guildford penalty in the third period took just 9 seconds for Slough to convert for their first goal when Slava Koulikov netted at 40.41. Masa scored his second for Guildford at 42.13 and then Potts converted a powerplay at 48.30 making it 1-6. Sixty seconds later Michael Bowman pulled a goal back for Slough and at 53.22 Blaz Emersic made it 3-6. Guildford completed their scoring with 2.02 left in the game through Rempel’s second.

Slough: Pliskauskas 0+2; Emersic, Bowman, Koulikov 1+0; Sheppard, Ward 0+1. Net: Rockman (60.00) 36/7
Guildford: Longstaff 2+2; Masa 2+1; Rempel 2+0; Towe 0+2; Potts 1+1; Liddiard, Plant, Dixon, Graham, Smital 0+1. Net: Hala (60.00) 42/3

Period scores: 0-2/0-2/3-3
Shots On Goal: 36-42
Penalty Minutes: 12-18
Referee: R Szucs. Linesmen: T Stephenson & N Stephenson
Attendance: 538

Five Years Ago

The second of the weekend games saw the home teams reversed as Slough travelled to near neighbours Bracknell following their home win the previous evening.

EPL_BRABracknell Bees 4 Slough Jets 3 after overtime
Slough cruised through the first period, exposing Gregg Rockman to just 4 shots while peppering the Romford net with 19. Peter Jasik had opened the score at 4.56 in a period that saw both teams offered two powerplays that neither capitalised on.

The second period had the game level early on when Jasolav Cesky netted at 23.46 but the equilibrium was short lived when Blaz Emersic converted a powerplay at 25.08. Slough again dominated the offence while playing tight in defence but once again only carried a single goal lead into the interval.

The visitors continued to control the final period despite lowering their shot count but just couldn’t beat the home team netminder who was assisted a couple of times by his pipe work. Slava Koulikov finally doubled up the lead at 53.29 however Bracknell failed to give in and Cesky netted a second with 4.22 left. When the same player scored again at 56.44 it surprisingly forced the game into overtime.

The first 65 seconds of overtime saw Slough with a couple of chances but a too many import call on the visitors during a line change offered the home team a powerplay and Cesky duly converted at 62.43 to give Bracknell full points.

Bracknell: Cesky 4+0; Pinc 0+3; Best, Calvert, N Watt, Moore, R Watt 0+1. Net: Ambler (62.39) 47/3 & Empty Net (0.04) 0/0
Slough: Bowman, Long 0+2; Emersic, Jasik, Koulikov 1+0; Ward, Poljacek 0+1. Net: Rockman (62.43) 23/4

Period Scores: 0-1/1-1/2-1/1-0
Shots On Goal: 47-23
Penalty Minutes: 18-26
Time-outs: – / –
Referee: N Bonniface. Linesmen: S Davies & C Davies
Attendance: 939

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