Legends Lookback 30

One Year Ago

Slough Jets travelled to Peterborough to take on the Phantoms with a four point weekend for the taking.

EPL_MANPeterborough Phantoms 3 Slough Jets 5
English Premier Ice Hockey League Match

5.38 into the game Mindy Kieras opened the scoring completing from Ales Padelek and Cam McGiffin. Murdy saved all the other 7 shots he faced while Jarina saved all 20 to end the first period 0-1.

Nicky Watt levelled up 1.17 into the second period with a powerplay strike but Ciaran Long made it 1-2 with the goal ahead goal at 29.30. Slough then opened a lead with Dan Davies scoring at 30.35 and Kieras stepped forward with his second and the game winning goal at 33.58 and ended the scoring for the period at 1-3.

After the first half of the final period had passed by scoreless Nicky Watt brought the home team back into hoping with his second at 53.37 but Ales Padelek tore away hope again at 54.18 when he finished from Long and Davies. With just 49 seconds left Luke Ferrara finished the scoring at 3-5 and the visitors left with the points.

Peterborough: Watt 2+0; L Ferrara 1+0; J Ferrara, Hutchinson, Zubek, Cesky 0+2. Net Murdy (59.38) 24/5 & Empty Net (0.22) 0/0
Slough: Kieras 2+1; Davies, Long, Padelek 1+2; McGiffin, Koulikov 0+1. Net: Jarina (60.00) 51/3

Period scores: 0-1/1-3/2-1
Shots On Goal: 24-51
Penalty Minutes: 22-22
Referees: D Boardman & J Liptrott. Linesmen: G Madsen & J Earl

Two Years Ago

After a long road trip the Slough Jets took on the Telford Tigers in their final league / cup match combined knowing that a single point would give them the fourth place and a semi-final date.

EPL_TelTelford Tigers 2 Slough Jets 3
After penalty shots
English Premier Ice Hockey League & Premier Cup Match

Frantisek Bakrlik was the first strike of the game when he netted at 7.45 but 2.20 later Tim Burrows made it 1-1 with a powerplay goal to level the game.

The second period saw Thomas Soar score at 31.28 to put the home team ahead with a lead they held for the remainder of the period.

Slough battled hard against a determined Telford team and at 52.05 Matt Towalski pulled the visitors level when he finished from Michael Wales and Darius Pliskauskas and both netminders denied all further chances meaning the game went to overtime and Slough had secured the point they needed to oust Milton Keynes from the cup competition.

The extra five minutes also failed to separate the teams and penalty shots decided the result. The three initial penalty shots also left the game tied and it was Tomas Valecko who calmly netted the winning penalty and gain the visitors the second point.

Telford stats: Burrows, Soar 1+0; Maynard, Preece 0+1. Net: Ryan (65.00) 37/2
Slough stats: Towalski, Bakrlik, GWP 1+0; Wales, Davies, Pliskauskas, Rockman 0+1. Net: Rockman (65.00) 24/2

Period scores: 1-1/1-0/0-1/0-0/0-1
Shots On Goal: 37-24
Penalty Minutes: 2-6
Referee: T Pickett. Linesmen: L Broadbelt & E Marshall

Telford: Maynard, Selwood, Parsons, Rose, Janak, Kippin, Knell, Heywood, Burrows, Eaton, Kruzik, Croft, Stones, Ryan, Taylor, Soar, Green, Preece
Slough: Scott, Wales, Greener, Barker, Davies, Towalski, Rose, Pick, Pliskauskas, Kieras, Milton, B Miles, Rockman, Valecko, Koulikov, Bakrlik

Three Years Ago

After a win on home ice Slough Jets made their way to Yorkshire to face the Steeldogs on their ice in Sheffield.

EPL_SHESheffield Steeldogs 0 Slough Jets 1
League & Cup Match

After battling through the first 18.20 of the opening period scoreless Slough scored what they believed to be the opening goal only to see the goal washed-out due to a high stick meaning the period ended 0-0.

Ryan Watt and Craig Elliot came together at the start of the second period and with Sam Waller also being penalised Sheffield had a powerplay advantage but it was Slough who scored when Joe Greener netted a shorthanded goal from Doug Sheapprd and Mindy Kieras at 23.20. The teams each enjoyed a powerplay opportunity in the remainder of the second period.

Sheffield were given a powerplay opportunity midway through the third period but failed to capitalise and with 1.11 left on the clock Payette called the Sheffield time-out. Ben Bowns left the net and when Kieras took an interference call at 58.58 this game Sheffield a 6 on 4 opportunity. After a Sheffield goal was disallowed due to a high stick Bowns returnd to the net but was again removed giving a 6 on 3 opportunity for the final 32 seconds when Sheppard was called for interference but Gregg Rockman completed a 43 shot shut-out and Slough took full points for the second time in the weekend.

Sheffield: Net Bowns (59.06) 28/1 & Empty Net (0.54) 0/0
Slough: J Greener 1+0; Sheppard, Kieras 0+1. Net: Rockman (60.00) 43/0

Period Scores: 0-0/0-1/0-0
Shots On Goal: 28-43
Penalty Minutes: 8-16
Referee: M Thompson. Linesmen: J Liptrott & D Beresford

Four Years Ago

Slough Jets made the journey to Sheffield for the final meeting of the season with the Steeldogs.

EPL_SHESheffield Steeldogs 4 Slough Jets 3
Slough blasted their way into the lead when Dan Davies scored just 8 seconds into the game and then scored again with 3.50 left in the period to make it 0-2. Kristaps Pete however pulled a goal back for the home team at 16.47 ending the first period 1-2.

Slough dominated the second period with 21 shots on Ben Bowns while Gregg Rockman faced just 5 shots however Lloyd Gibson netted at 28.50 to level the game followed by a shorthanded goal from Edgars Bebris at 33.45 to put Sheffield ahead. Scott Spearing netted a late powerplay goal with just 39 seconds left in the period to level at 3-3.

Despite Slough again outshooting their opponents by a margin of nearly 4:1 the only goal of the third period was a powerplay strike from Kirss Grundmanis giving the home team the lead. Slough called a timeout with 40 seconds left and played the remaining time with an extra skater and empty net but Sheffield claimed the win.

Sheffield: Berbris, Pete, Grundmanis 1+0; Haywood, Sykes, Brittle, Hirst, Lewis 0+1. Net: Bowns (59.55) 47/3 & Empty Net (0.05) 0/0
Slough: Koulikov 0+3; Davies 2+0; Pliskauskas 0+2; Spearing 1+0; Krajicek 0+2. Net: Rockman (59.20) 19/4 & Empty Net: (0.40) 0/0

Period Scores: 1-2/2-1/1-0
Shots On Goal: 47-19
Penalty Minutes: 10-4
Referee: S Brown. Linesmen: J Liptrott & L Hetherington
Attendance: 160

Five Years Ago

Sunday night saw Slough Jets back at home as they entertained Swindon Wildcats for the first time in competition this season.

EPL_SWISlough Jets 3 Swindon Wildcats 1
The teams couldn’t be separated in the opening action as both netminders made some good saves and kept the game scoreless until the end of the first period. Blaz Emersic pounced to make it 1-0 at 17.57 but just 50 seconds later it was 1-1 when Aaron Nell scored Swindon’s only goal.

Both teams tried hard through the second period but both netminders were equal and kept clean sheets all through the middle 20 minutes. Both teams enjoyed times of pressure around each other’s nets but neither could add to their first period tally.

Slough turned up the pace in the third period and 27 seconds in Joe Greener had given the home team the lead. Slough gave away a powerplay soon after and lost Adam Greener for the remainder of the game when he was penalised at 50.44 with a 2+10. Swindon opted to pull their netminder but 10 seconds after he’d left the net Peter Poljacek put the puck in the vacant goal and Slough sealed their win at 59.37.

Slough: Emersic, Poljacek, J Greener 1+1; Thompson, Waller 0+1. Net: Rockman (60.00) 36/1
Swindon: Nell 1+0; Bullas, Krajicek 0+1. Net: Murdy (59.50) 40/2 & Empty Net (0.10) 1/1

Period Scores: 1-1/0-0/2-0
Shots On Goal: 36-41
Penalty Minutes: 18-6
Time-outs: – / –
Referee: R Szucs. Linesmen: P Brooks & R Boot

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