Legends Lookback 57

One Year Ago

Slough Jets travelled to Sheffield for their penultimate game of the season taking on the Steeldogs

EPL_SHESheffield Steeldogs 7 Slough Jets 3
English Premier Ice Hockey League

It took just 22 seconds for the first goal of the game to come as Sheffield’s Andrew Hirst netted against a short benched team. With the visitors missing Mindy Kieras and Cam McGiffin in defence it was always going to be a tough ask but at 9.05 Kamil Tvrdek levelled the game, finishing from Andrius Kaminskas. The first period ended 1-1.

The teams battled through a scoreless 38 minutes in the middle frame before Sheffield secured a lead with 3 goals in 50 seconds. Starting at 38.15 Lee Haywood scored, at 39.00 Cam Brownley scored and just 5 seconds later Lubomir Korhon scored for 4-1 by the second interval.

Andrej Vasiljevic took over in the net for the final period with Brad Day doing the same in the home team net. Edgars Bebris scored 87 seconds into the final period before a Slough comeback started. Stephen Balmer made it 5-2 at 48.39 ahead of Tvrdek’s second of the night at 52.53. Korhon netted a second at 56.27, this one short-handed and Calvert completed the scoring at 59.24.

Sheffield: Korhon 2+3; Haywood 1+2; Calvert, Brownley 1+1; Wood 0+2; Hirst, Bebris 1+0; Morgan, Elliot, Pattison, Gibson 0+1. Net: Sedlar (40.00) 13/1 & Day (20.00) 16/2
Slough: Tvrdek 2+1; Balmer 1+0; Kieras, Towalski, Rose, Temple 0+1. Myers (40.00) 28/4 & Vasiljevic (20.00) 16/3

Period scores: 1-1/3-0/3-2
Shots On Goal: 29-44
Penalty Minutes: 26-8
Referees: S Wardell & T Perring. Linesmen: C Wells & M Kempster

Two Years Ago

Slough Jets started the final weekend of the regular season with a road trip to Milton Keynes, who it was confirmed they will face as their quarter final opponents in the 2013 play-offs.

EPL_MILMilton Keynes Lightning 1 Slough Jets 3
English Premier Ice Hockey League Match

Gregg Rockman and Alex Mettam got the starts in net and 15 combined first period shots couldn’t get passed either netminder meaning the opening 20 minutes passed by scoreless.

1.29 into the second period Frantisek Bakrlik netted the opening goal, giving the visitors a lead courtesy of his powerplay strike finishing from Ciaran Long at 21.29. Matt Towalski completed from Dan Scott and Pavel Gomeniuk at 25.13 for 0-2 but Leigh Jamieson made it 1-2 when he scored at 28.49. Despite the home team outshooting the visitors 18-6 in the middle period the score stood at 1-2 when the second period ending hooter sounded.

Milton Keynes set about trying to dominate the third period, keeping Rockman busy with 13 shots while Mettam faced just 3. But with no change in the score Slava Koulikov took the Slough time-out at 59.07 and was followed by Nick Poole calling the Milton Keynes’ time-out at the next stop 8 seconds later. He pulled Mettam from the net looking to equalise but 14 seconds later Darius Pliskauskas buried the puck in the empty net for 1-3 and secured the result.

Milton Keynes: Jamieson 1+0; Emersic, Jokila 0+1. Net: Mettam (59.46) 18/2 & Empty Net (0.14) 1/1
Slough: Gomeniuk, Long 0+2; Towalski, Pliskauskas, Bakrlik 1+0; Scott 0+1. Net: Rockman (60.00) 37/1

Period scores: 0-0/1-2/0-1
Shots On Goal: 19-37
Penalty Minutes: 8-12
Referee: J Solovjovs. Linesmen: J Earl & P Gadeke

Three Years Ago

Slough’s penultimate weekend of the regular season and them drawn home and away to Telford starting with the home leg.

EPL_TelSlough Jets 4 Telford Tigers 1
League Match

Slough welcomed back Ryan Watt to the lineup and enjoyed a good offensive start, finally getting rewarded at 12.53 when Doug Sheppard opened the scoring. Mindy Kieras let lose a booming slapshot from the blue line at 14.46 which made it 2-0 but 1.10 later Josh Bruce pulled back a goal with the opening goal for the Telford Tigers but Ryan’s Watt’s centreing pass took a deflection off a Telford player at 18.43 to make it 3-1.

SJ vs TT 240312 HR-1

Peter Tyler cuts the ice

The second period saw penalty killing at both ends of the ice and despite 25 shots in total neither team could add further to their tally leaving the game open going into the third period.

Slough returned in the third period with a two goal cushion which they kept hold of and at 55.28 Tom Watkins called the visitors’ time-out. Telford tried twice to get an empty net for an extra attacker, with Ryan leaving the net for 7 seconds before returning but the second time he left Adam Calder put the result beyond doubt with at goal at 59.34 to make it 4-1.

Slough: Calder, Kieras 1+1; Sheppard, Watt 1+0; Davies, Miles, Galazzi, J Greener 0+1. Net: Rockman (60.00) 30/1
Telford: Bruce 1+0. Net: Ryan (59.41) 41/3 & Empty Net: (0.19) 1/1

Period scores: 3-1/0-0/1-0
Shots On Goal: 30-42
Penalty Minutes: 12-10
Referee: R Szucs. Linesmen: R Webster & J Dolphin

Four Years Ago

Both teams went into this game with incredibly short benches with the home team having just 12 regular team members on their bench.

EPL_PETSlough Jets 8 Peterborough Phantoms 6
Slough took an early lead when Aaron Connolly beat Stephen Wall at just 2.42 and 20 seconds later Adam Calder made it 2-0 with some fantastic finishing. Backup goaltender Ryan Bainborough made some big saves and it wasn’t until Lelenas beat him at 14.39 that the visitors opened their accout. Veteran Yardley levelled the game with a powerplay strike ay 16.27

Peterborough played a fantastic first half of the second period with goals from Ziedins at 26.46 and Lelenas at 27.20 giving them a two goal lead but their efforts were eclipsed when the home team netted three times in 63. Darius Pliskauskas scored at 35.28 and Connolly scored his second at 36.10 to make it 4-4. Doug Sheppard put the home team back into the lead at 36.31 and Slough ended the period the happier of the two teams.

The visitors fought hard to keep the game alive in the third period but Dan Davies opened up a two goal lead at 48.49 and Adam Calder made it 7-4 at 50.48. Ziedins netted a second for Peterborough with 5.18 left and Lelanas pulled it back to 7-6 with his hat-trick goal at 57.14. With just 6 seconds left, and an empty Peterborough net, Joe Greener set up Adam Calder for his hat-trick.

Slough: Calder 3+1; Krajicek, J Greener 0+3; A Connolly 2+0; Sheppard, Davies, Pliskauskas 1+1; Watt, S Thompson 0+2; Bainborough 0+1. Net: Bainborough (60.00) 53/6
Peterborough: Ziedins 2+3; Lelenas 3+0; Carlon 0+2; Yardley 1+0; Spurr, Soar, L Ferrara 0+1. Net: Wall (59.14) 45/7 & Empty Net (0.46) 1/1

Period Scores: 2-2/3-2/3-2
Shots On Goal: 53-46
Penalty Minutes: 2-0
Referee: D Cloutman. Linesmen: S Hogarth & J Earl
Attendance: 338

Five Years Ago

Slough’s weekend started with their final trip of the season to Rom Valley Way

EPIHL-200Romford Raiders 2 Slough Jets 6
Slough faced their former back-up netminder Charles Kaylor and despite dominating the opening period and bombarding him with 19 shots had to settle for a tied 1-1 opener. Slava Koulikov put the visitors ahead at 17.38 but Darius Pliskauskas levelled at 17.38

The visitors forged out a lead in the second period with another dominating performance. Just 1.13 in Blaz Emersic netted and when the same player netted his second at 28.13 he brought up his 100 points for the season. Despite continuing to pressure Kaylor Slough had to settle for just the two goals.

The final period saw the home team’s strongest performance but also saw the visitors hammer home their advantage to clench the game. Peter Poljacek scored at 50.29 at even strength followed by Ciaran Long with a shorthanded goal at 53.27 and Poljacek again on the powerplay at 54.20 to make it 1-6. Frankie Harvey managed a late consolation goal at 57.15 to bring the game to a close.

Romford: Harvey, Pliskauskas 1+0; Turner, Tonks, Buckman, Sladok 0+1. Net: Kaylor (60.00) 57/6
Slough: Davies 0+4; Poljacek 2+1; Emersic 2+0; Koulikov 1+1; A Greener, Ward 0+2; Long 1+0; Rockman, J Greener 0+1. Net: Rockman (60.00) 19/2

Period Scores: 1-1/0-2/1-3
Shots On Goal: 57-19
Penalty Minutes: 4-4
Time-outs: – / –
Referee: R Szucs. Linesmen: R Cooper & R Boot

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