Legends Sponsorship Opportunities

With the tickets on sale now it’s time to announce details of the player sponsorship available for the 2014 Charity Slough Jets Legends game.

With the start to player announcement for the game just around the corner we are inviting people interested in player sponsorship to come forward. Player sponsors will get their name in the programme as their chosen player’s sponsor, an announcement in the player line ups and an on-ice photo with the player after the game and the cost of this is just £20.

Sponsors interested should email mdenholm@sloughjets.co.uk , no money is required initially but all monies must be paid, in cash, by July 5th. Once the completed rosters are announced sponsors will be contacted by email in order of their registering of interest to select their chosen player to sponsor for the game.

Player sponsors will be offered a choice of player solely on the order in which they register their interest by email to mdenholm@sloughjets.co.uk. You may register to sponsor more than one player but each application will be dealt with on a one player per application basis and then should there be players left after every applicant has chosen a player those applying for two sponsored players will be contacted again in the same order as the first round. In the event of over subscription for player sponsorship and all players (we expect 40 players) being sponsored these will be issued in a first applied first offered basis and anybody who is unable to sponsor a player will not have any money taken from them. Sponsorship applications will be dealt with on a one person per email basis, individual applications will be required from each sponsor.

For further information or to register your interest to sponsor a player please email mdenholm@sloughjets.co.uk

Updated: June 5, 2014 — 1:00 pm
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