Legends Lookback 12

EPIHL-200One Year Ago

Manchester Phoenix hosted the Slough Jets for the second time in three weeks with this encounter for league points only.

EPL_MANManchester Phoenix 12


EPL_SLOSlough Jets 2
English Premier Ice Hockey League Match

Former Slough player Frantisek Bakrlik made it 1-0 with a shorthanded goal at 5.26 and Michal Psurney had the score doubled with an even strength goal at 11.50 and the remaining 8.10 saw chances from the Phoenix saved by Gregg Rockman ending the opening period 2-0.

The second period saw the result decided as Manchester netted seven times compared to the solo goal of the period for the visitors. Tony Hand scored at 24.39, followed by Bakrlik’s second at 26.10. Chong (28.43) and Kovar (29.50) also scored before the half way point in the game. Ales Padelek opened the scoring for Slough at 35.46 finishing from Darius Pliskauskas but James Archer made it 7-1 at 36.23, quickly followed by Psurny netting his second on a delayed penalty at 36.46. With 1.36 left in the period Watkins made it 9-1.

The final period started with Slough desperate to stem the flow of goals from the middle period but after 8.01 it was 10 for the home team when Archer scored his second with another delayed penalty goal. Bentham added the 11th at 49.14 and Jorge El-Hage came on to play out the remainder of the game for the home team. Michael Wales beat the replacement Phoenix netmidner at 53.34 with a powerplay goal but Chong came up with a shorthanded goal at 56.30 to conclude the scoring at 12-1 after Padelek had left the ice cut by a slash from Heron who was duly ejected with a match penalty.

Manchester: Psurny 2+3; Kovar 1+4; Bakrlik 2+2; Archer 2+1; Chong 2+0; Hand, Watkins 1+1; Boothroyd, Mckinney 0+2; Bentham 1+0; Schnabel, Wood, Graham, Fone 0+1. Netminder Fone (40.00) 24/1 & El-Hage (20.00) 10/1
Slough: Wales, Padelek 1+0; Pliskauskas, Kieras 0+1. Net: Rockman (60.00) 48/12

Period scores: 2-0/7-1/3-1
Shots On Goal: 34-48
Penalty Minutes: 31-4
Referees: J Liptrott & D Boardman. Linesmen: S Campbell & C Wells

Two Years Ago

Slough Jets played their first Sunday away game of the regular season after a long trip to Altrincham to face the Manchester Phoenix.

EPL_MANManchester Phoenix 2


EPL_SLOSlough Jets 1
After overtime
English Premier Ice Hockey League & Premier Cup Match

Slough got off to a dream start with Mindy Kieras and Slava Koulikov assisting Darius Pliskauskas for the game’s opening goal at 2.09. Tom Duggan sitting a hooking minor at 5.09 provided the opening powerplay opportunity of the game which the visitors failed to capitalise and after successfully killing their first penalty the first period ended 0-1.

The teams played through the middle period with no further scoring as both netminders dealt with their share of the combined 15 shots through the period.

Slough looked to be homing in on a four point weekend when James Archer netted for the home team with 2.43 left in regulation time. Koulikov called the Slough time-out at 58.53 and Tony Hand called the Manchester time-out at 57.17 before the game headed to overtime at 1-1.

It took 1.29 of overtime for Michal Psurny to pull out the game winning goal and end the game in sudden death.

Manchester stats: Archer, Psurny 1+0; Schnabel, Hand 0+1. Net: Fone (61.29) 32/1
Slough stats: Pliskauskas 1+0; Kieras, Koulikov 0+1. Net: Rockman (61.29) 37/2

Period scores: 0-1/0-0/1-0/1-0
Shots On Goal: 32-37
Penalty Minutes: 4-4
Referee: S Wardell. Linesmen: L Hetherington & B Abbott

Manchester: Acher, Schnabel, Boothroyd, Flaten, Hand, Neil, Psurny, Wood, Duggan, Bentham, Fone, El-Hage, Pozivill, McKenzie, Long, McKinney.
Slough: , Wales, Greener, Barker, Connolly, Davies, Godfrey, Pliskauskas, Kieras, Bruce, Towalski, Milton, Harabin, Rockman, Koulikov, Bakrlik

Three Years Ago

Slough Jets made the trip to Planet Ice Peterborough to face the Phantoms for the first time this season.

EPL_PETPeterborough Phantoms 4


EPL_SLOSlough Jets 7
League (1027445) & Cup (1029111) Match

The teams started out feeling each other out and in a period where the home team outshot their visitors both teams scored once each. Darius Pliskauskas put the home team ahead at 17.23 but Maris Ziedins levelled with 9 second left in the period.

The visiting team scored first in the second period as well with Ryan Watt making it 1-2 at 26.18. Mindy Kieras made it 1-3 at 27.26 and Peterborough called their time-out. Ziedins netted his second, this one shorthanded, at 29.59 and Chris Allen netted at 31.55 to make it 3-3. Kieras pulled Slough back ahead at 33.03 but once again Peterborough ended the period level with an equalising 4th goal with just 47 seconds left.

Despite keeping up for 40 minutes the home team had no answer to their visitors three goals in the final period, started by Aaron Connolly at 43.13 and then Alex Symonds netted at 52.29. Slough kept pressure on and with 3.03 left in the game Adam Calder netted his first of the night and fifth of the weekend which ended the scoring.

Peterborough: Ziedins 2+0; Allen 1+1; Glowa 0+2; L Ferrara 1+0; Wedlon 0+1. Net: King (60.00) 39/7
Slough: Calder 1+2; J Greener 0+3; Kieras 2+0; A Connolly, Watt 1+1; Sheppard, Miles 0+2; Symonds,
Pliskauskas 1+0. Net: Rockman (60.00) 36/4

Period Scores: 1-1/3-3/0-3
Shots On Goal: 39-36
Penalty Minutes: 2-12
Referee: M Thompson. Linesmen: J Earl & N Carmichael

Four Years Ago

Sunday saw the Slough Jets journey north to Sheffield for the first time in the season to take on the Steeldogs on their home ice.

EPL_SHESheffield Steeldogs 1


EPL_SLOSlough Jets 3
Slough in the end coasted to a with a goal in each period being enough to outdo their hosts by a two goal margin.

Blaz Emersic scored the games first goal at 8.01 to open the scoring and soon after Adam Greener and Edgars Bebris picked up double roughing minors however Slough’s player also picked up a 10 minute penalty that ended his involvement in the period.

The middle period saw the advantage start with and end with Slough albeit the home team levelled the game scoring a powerplay goal at 27.40 through Peter Vaisenan while Scott Spearing was sitting out but Slava Koulikov netted the go ahead goal at 28.24.

Slough’s Darius Pliskauskas doubled up their lead at 56.58 and when Paddy Ward picked up at penalty with 1.47 left Sheffield called their time out and played out the game without the netminder however they couldn’t force a comeback and Slough ended the points.

Sheffield: Vaisenan 1+0; Squires, Brittle 0+1. Net: Bowns (58.51) 32/3 & Empty Net (1.09) 1.09
Slough: Pliskauskas, Koulikov 1+1; Emersic 1+0; Krajicek, Munroe, Thompson 0+1. Net: Rockman (60.00) 19/1

Period Scores: 0-1/1-1/0-1
Shots On Goal: 32-19
Penalty Minutes: 4-22
Referee: D Boardman. Linesmen: L Sewell & D Berresford
Attendance: 242

Five Years Ago

After hosting Guildford last weekend it was Slough Jets turn to make the journey to face the Flames at home.

EPL_GUIGuildford Flames 4


EPL_SLOSlough Jets 2
Slough were shorthanded within the first two minutes and while Joe Greener sat out Gary Clarke put the home team ahead at 3.11. Guildford proceeded to kill off two penalties before Nathan Rempell added their second at 17.33 to make a complete sweep of the first period.

With the first period shots on goal level Guildford swung that advantage their way in the middle period but at 28.59 Peter Poljacek netted to pull the deficit back to a goal. Slough killed off a penalty to Paddy Ward but while Joe Greener sat out a second minor Rob Lamey scored on the powerplay to make it 3-1 by the end of the second.

Guildford had added their fourth through Rick Plant at 45.32 before Blaz Emersic converted a powerplay at 48.00. The home team were soon penalised again and offered Slough three further powerplays before the game was done but with 58 seconds remaining Slough picked up a bench minor leaving them shorthanded. Gregg Rockmam left the Slough net with 14 seconds remaining putting the teams back at even strength but Guildford held on to their two goal margin.

Guildford: Lamey, Clarke 1+1; Dixon, Lundin 0+2; Rempell, Plant 1+0; Duggan, Smital 0+1. Net: Skinns (60.00) 31/2
Slough: Emersic, Poljacek 1+1; Jasik, Davies, Melichar, Ward 0+1. Net: Rockmann (59.46) 35/4 & Empty Net (0.14) 0/0

Period Scores: 2-0/1-1/1-1
Shots On Goal: 31-35
Penalty Minutes: 16-18
Time-outs: 48.31 / 46.29
Referee: R Szucs. Linesmen: S Hogarth & P Brooks
Attendance: 1335

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