Legends Lookback 51

One Year Ago

Basingstoke Bison started a home and away weekend with the home advantage as the Slough Jets made the short journey.

EPL_BASBasingstoke Bison 6 Slough Jets 2
English Premier Ice Hockey League Match

Basingstoke set about trying to break down Andrej Vasiljevic in the Slough net but he stood tall denying every attempt until 11.26 when a man advantage goal scored by Andy Melachrino gave the home team the lead. Dean Skinns faced just four shots but of the 21 Vasiljevic faced there was just the one goal.

Just 92 seconds into the second period Alan Lack made it 1-1, finishing from Jamie Line and Kamil Tvrdek. With the teams locked in a tied game it took a penalty shot awarded at 31.51 to split them when Ciaran Long calmly netted against his former team for 2-1. After 40 minutes despite a 35 shot difference only the penalty shot separated the teams.

At 41.16 Joe Rand added to the score for 3-1 and Nick Chinn made it 4-1 at 46.16. Lack’s second at 48.53 kept the game alive and with just over a minute left Craig Moran called the time-out. Vasiljevic stayed on the bench as the visitors fielded six outskaters but Basingstoke broke free and Tomas Karpov found the empty net with his shot for 5-2. The home team then got a further boost when Stuart Mogg scored on the buzzer for their sixth goal scored at 59.59

Basingstoke: Vantroba, Greener 0+2; Melachrino, Chinn, Karpov, Rand, Long, Mogg 1+0; Wales, Sullivan, Wynn, Ingoldsby, Connolly. Net: Skinns (60.00) 18/2
Slough: Lack 2+0; Line, Towalski, Kieras, Avery 0+1. Net: Vasiljevic (57.56) 64/5 & Myers (1.28) 1/0 & Empty Net (0.36) 1/1

Period scores: 1-0/1-1/4-1
Shots On Goal: 18-66
Penalty Minutes: 6-12
Referees: D Cloutman & M Thompson. Linesmen: A Korsaks & A Cook

Two Years Ago

Slough Jets’ weekend started with a trip to Basingstoke to face the Bison for the final time in the regular season.

EPL_BASBasingstoke Bison 5 Slough Jets 4
After penalty shots
English Premier Ice Hockey League Match

A defensive start to the game saw both teams feeling each other out following the cup semi-final game but with 3.23 left in the opening period James Hutchinson netted a powerplay goal to break the deadlock. Mindy Kieras scored under a minute later at 17.16 and the first period ended 0-2.

Back on the powerplay Darius Pliskauskas scored at 29.09 to make it 0-3 but with the man advantage in their favour Greg Owen scored for the home team and when the middle period ended it was 1-3.

Basingstoke came back into the game hard in the third period with Joe Rand scoring a delayed penalty goal at 45.14 but Frantisek Bakrlik scored at 46.44 to restore a 2 goal gap Greg Chambers scored then on the powerplay at 47.39 and the same player netted at 49.07 to level the game.

Sudden death overtime didn’t separate the teams so it came down to penalty shots. Dan Davies shot first for the visitors and scored and Joe Miller did the same for the home team. Pliskauskas missed and Sheppard scored in the second round of shots and Bakrlik scoring his third did affect the result when Rand scored for the extra winning point.

Basingstoke stats: Chambers 2+1; Miller 0+3; Rand 1+1; Owen, Game winning penalty 1+0; Cesky 0+1. Net: Lyle (65.00) 29/4
Slough stats: Hutchinson, Pliskauskas, Kieras 1+1; Gomeniuk 0+2; Bakrlik 1+0; Koulikov, Long 0+1. Net: Rockman (65.00) 30/4

Period scores: 0-2/1-1/3-1/0-0/1-0
Shots On Goal: 29-30
Penalty Minutes: 22-10
Referess: M Thompson & J Tottman. Linesmen: S Hogarth & S Perring
Attendance: 1305

Three Years Ago

With Slough and Basingstoke scheduled to play a home and away weekend the teams first meeting of the two was at the Basingstoke Arena.

EPL_BASBasingstoke Bison 3 Slough Jets 8
League Match

Basingstoke Bison grabbed the lead after 181 seconds when Joe Miller scored past Gregg Rockman and at the other end of the period with 3.20 left made it 2-1 when Chris Wiggins scored. Aaron Connolly made it 2-1 with 9 seconds left in the first period with his first goal of the night.

The second period saw the visiting team forge ahead in the game as Doug Sheppard levelled after 4.09. 2.11 later Connolly found the back of the net again past Matt Colclough making it 2-3 before Nicky Chinn levelled for the home team at 27.19. Adam Calder scored the game winning goal at 34.50 and with 1.45 left in the second period Connolly netted again to complete his hat-trick.

Basingstoke changed their netminder for the final period with Stephen Wall replacing Colclough but at 47.38 Dan Davies took advantage of a 5 on 3 opportunity to make it 3-6 before Darius Pliskauskas scored another powerplay goal at 53.30 making it 3-7. Pliskauskas scored again at 57.40 to complete the scoring with the final score standing at 3-8.

Basingstoke: Kubenko 0+2; Miller, Chinn, Wiggins 1+0; Volrab, Wynn, Tribe 0+1. Net: Colclough (40.00) 23/5 & Wall (20.00) 15/3
Slough: Connolly 3+2; Pliskauskas 2+1; Sheppard 1+2; J Greener 0+3; Davies, Calder 1+1; Miles, Kieras 0+1. Net: Rockman (60.00) 23/3

Period Scores: 2-1/1-4/0-3
Shots On Goal: 38-23
Penalty Minutes: 30-8
Referee: D Cloutman. Linesmen: A Lack & S Perrin

Four Years Ago

The weekend started on the road with the Slough Jets lining up at Planet Ice Basingstoke to face the Bison.

EPL_BASBasingstoke Bison 4 Slough Jets 6
Slough got a great start through Doug Sheppard who scored the first goal of the game at 3.31 and were two goals ahead when Shaun Thompson scored at 9.13. Victor Kubenko scored on a delayed penalty at 11.43 and Steve Moria scored at 15.09 to level the game.

The second period saw the game see-saw back and forth with the home team taking the lead at 20.25 through Mindy Keiras but Darius Pliskauskas made it 3-3 at 25.05. Ondrej Lauko scored Basingstoke’s fourth goal at 35.36 but Jan Krajicek scoring with 48 seconds left ensured the middle period ended 4-4.

Sheppard netted his second at 46.25 to put the visitors back ahead but neither team could score further leaving the game still open for decision. Steve Moria called the home team time-out with 38 seconds left but on the re-start Joe Greener buried the puck in the home team empty net to complete the game at 4-6

Basingstoke: Keiras 1+3; Kubenko 1+1; Moria, Lauko 1+0; Davies, Wiggins, Graham 0+1. Net: Skinns (59.50) 28/5 & Empty Net (0.10) 1/1
Slough: J Greener 1+4; Calder 0+4; Sheppard 2+0; Krajicek, Pliskauskas, S Thompson 1+0; Munroe, Koulikov 0+1. Net: Rockman (60.00) 42/4

Period Scores: 2-2/2-2/0-2
Shots On Goal: 29-42
Penalty Minutes: 6-8
Referee: R Szucs. Linesmen: R Hawkins & A Lack

Five Years Ago

Game five in seven days for the Slough Jets saw them back home to take on Guildford Flames for the third time in that time period.

EPL_GUISlough Jets 4 Guildford Flames 1
After some initial offensive pressure from the visitors Slough’s Captain Blaz Emersic gave them the lead at 5.01. At 12.19 the lead was doubled when Emersic scored his second and Slough closed out a shut-out period.

3.56 into the middle period Peter Poljacek had made it 3-0 and despite conceding three powerplays Emersic’s hat-trick goal, scored short-handed at 31.32 made it 4-0 and Rockman back-stopped the home team to a second shut-out period.

The third period saw Guildford pushing to get back into the game and eventually at 47.56 Lukas Smital broke the shut-out but despite Slough conceding a further two powerplays they closed out the remainder of the period to end the game 4-1 winners.

Slough: Poljacek 1+3; Emersic 3+0; Davies 0+2. Net: Rockman (60.00) 33/1
Guildford: Smital 1+0; Lamey, Lundin 0+1. Net: Skinns (60.00) 36/4

Period Scores: 2-0/2-0/0-1
Shots On Goal: 33-36
Penalty Minutes: 36-4
Time-outs: – / –
Referee: R Ross. Linesmen: J Solovjov & P Brooks

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