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EPIHL-200One Year Ago

Slough Jets lined up for their third home game of the season with the opponents being the Telford Tigers

EPL_SLOSlough Jets 3

EPL_TELTelford Tigers 6
English Premier Ice Hockey League & Premier Cup Match

Slough started the game missing Tomas Fotjik, Dan Rose, Gregg Rockman and Ryan Watt and within 8.30 they were down a goal when Callum Bowley netted the opener. With Slough outshot by 8 shots the first period ended 0-1.

Slough had the game level at 24.33 when Dan Scott blasted home from the blue line from Slava Koulikov and Darius Pliskauskas. Not long after though the home team gave up a powerplay advantage which was taken by Telford with an unassisted powerplay goal from Scott McKenzie. At 31.23 it was 1-3 when Tom Watkins netted. Nathan Salem made it 1-4 with 1.36 left in the middle period and left Slough a lot to achieve in the final twenty minutes.

A promising start to the final period saw Pliskauskas net a powerplay marker at 41.20 and when he scored again at 50.21 he’d made the score 3-4 and the home team were right back in the game. A lucky deflection from in front gave McKenzie his second of the night and the visitors their fifth at 52.12. The win was sealed with 42 seconds left when Salem scored his second and ended the scoring at 3-6.

Slough: Pliskauskas 2+1; Scott 1+0; Richardson, Kieras, Koulikov, Long 0+1. Net: Milton (60.00) 53/6
Telford: McKenzie 2+1; Salem 2+0; Smith 0+2; Watkins, Bowley 1+0; Rose, Taylor, Mikuosivc, Preece 0+1. Net: Ryan (60.00) 42/3

Period scores: 0-1/1-3/2-2
Shots On Goal: 53-42
Penalty Minutes: 8-10
Referee: D Cloutman. Linesmen: A Gipps & R Belfitt.
Attendance: 358


Two Years Ago

Slough Jets and Guildford Flames met in the third week of the season with the two teams going into the game the only two in the league with their undefeated record still in tact.

EPL_SLOSlough Jets 0

EPL_GUIGuildford Flames 5
English Premier Ice Hockey League & Premier Cup Match

The two teams played a very physical and high paced first period, seeing no goals scored and each team using their special teams.

The second period saw the visitors secure their win with David Savage scoring a powerplay goal at 24.37. His goal was followed up by a 30.01 goal from Rick Plant and Andrew Sharp made it 0-3 at 36.10 With just 29 seconds left in the period Jez Lundin made it 0-4 and completed the clean sheet middle frame.

Slough came back hard at Guildford in the third period but couldn’t break their opponent’s netminder. They outshot the visitors 13-8 in the period but with 1.13 left Longstaff completed his second goal of the night completing the shut-out.

Slough stats: Net Rockman (60.00) 35/5
Guildford stats: Longstaff 2+0; Plant, Sharp 1+1; Potts 0+2; Lundin 1+0; Savage, Rempel, Melicherik, Kvetan, Huppe 0+1. Net: Lee (60.00) 36/0

Period scores: 0-0/0-4/0-1
Shots On Goal: 35-36
Penalty Minutes: 12-16
Referees: D Boardman & T Perring. Linesmen: J Earl & J Lalonde
Attendance: 512

Slough: Scott, Wales, Greener, Barker, Connolly, Davies, Godfrey, Pliskauskas, Kieras, Bruce, Towalski, Milton, Harabin, Rockman, Koulikov, Bakrlik
Guildford: Lee, Liddiard, Savage, Greenfield, Potts, Rempel, Plant, Melicherik, Dixon, Longstaff, Hadfield, Kvetan, Cooke, Huppe, Campbell, Skene, Hemmings, Sharp, Lundin


Three Years Ago

Slough Jets played against Bracknell Bees just two weeks after the high emotion pre-season match with the visitors already having racked up a regular season win 6 days previously.

EPL_SLOSlough Jets 7

EPL_BRABracknell Bees 3
League (1027439) & Cup Match (1029107)

Slough started well with an early powerplay goal after just 155 seconds from Adam Calder but while both teams had powerplay and penalty killing practice in the first period Bracknell levelled up at 8.00 through Lukas Smital. Tom Carlon had the home team back ahead at 10.22 with another powerplay goal but with 2.35 left in the period Shaun Thompson levelled the score.

The second period saw the same intensity from both teams and Calder netted his second at 23.18 to re-take the lead but another powerplay strike from the visitors levelled again at 28.28, this one from Carl Graham. Referee Roman Szuchs assessed a match penalty for kneeing on Sam Waller at 35.36 giving Slough a 5 minute powerplay. When Smital picked up a penalty at 39.15 it took just 33 seconds to convert the 5 on 3 and Calder secured his hat-trick at 39.48.

Starting the third period with a lead allowed Slough to play a confident style of hockey while their opponents were forced to open up and look to equalise. The final 20 minutes were all the home team with Darius Pliskauskas making it 5-3 at 43.50. Ryan Watt followed up for 6-3 at 45.32 and Calder netted his fourth at 50.10 to make it 7-3. Slough’s 7th goal saw Ambler come on to replace Annetts for the final 9.50 of the game but the score didn’t change and Slough completed the win.

Slough: Calder 4+1; Sheppard 0+4; Carlon, Pliskauskas 1+1; J Greener 0+2; Watt 1+0; A Connolly, Sullivan, Davies, Kieras 0+1. Net: Rockman (60.00) 29/3
Bracknell: Smital 1+1; Jasik, Masa 0+2; Thompson, Graham 1+0; Lamey 0+1. Net: Annetts (50.10) 59/7 & Ambler (9.50) 5/o

Period scores: 2-2/2-1/3-0
Shots On Goal: 29-64
Penalty Minutes: 20-41
Referee: R Szucs. Linesmen: P Popluhar & N Stephenson.


Four Years Ago

Back on home ice Slough Jets extended a welcome to Telford Tigers, back in the EPL for the first time since 08/09.

EPL_SLOSlough Jets 5

EPL_TELTelford Tigers 1
Telford pulled off the surprise of the season so far when they netted the game’s opening goal at 0.21 through former Slough player Scott McKenzie but other than a disallowed goal, kick in midway through the first period, Telford then failed to stop Slough as the home team picked up and built their momentum.

Once Slough had moved up a gear Telford, other than their netminder, had little to match their opponents and eventually Darius Pliskauskas netted the leveller at 27.27. Dan Davies ensured the home team went to the interval in front by scoring with 34 seconds left in the middle frame and Slough duly completed a period of dominance.

The final period saw the home team adding to their score almost at will. Pliskauskas scired at 51.18, and Jan Krajicek scored a delayed penalty goal at 53.13 and Doug Sheppard added himself to the te sheet at 57.03 with Slough’s fifth goal.

Slough: Pliskauskas 2+1; Davies 1+1; Krajicek, Sheppard 1+0; A Greener, Emersic, Munroe, Ward, Koulikov 0+1. Net: Rockman (60.00) 22/1
Telford: McKenzie 1+0. Net: Clarkson (60.00) 52/5

Period Scores: 0-1/2-0/3-0
Shots On Goal: 22-52
Penalty Minutes: 8-8
Referee: A Hames. Linesmen: P Brooks & T Stephenson
Attendance: 346

Five Years Ago

Slough’s second home game of the season saw them head to head with one of the pre-season favourites in the Guildford Flames.

EPL_SLOSlough Jets 3

EPL_GUIGuildford Flames 4
After overtime

Both teams came out firing for this encounter and Slough were without Joe Greener after he picked up an early 2+10 penalty. Guildford Flames got on the board at 9.49 to open the scoring through Lukas Smital and just under three minutes later they doubled up their lead when Gary Clarke scored past Gregg Rockman at 12.37. Slough continued to pepper Dean Skinns in the visitors net but he kept a clean sheet to give his team the two goal lead at the interval.

The second period saw Slough step up a goal and just 1.35 in Ciaran Long made it 1-2 as he converted a powerplay. Penalties hurt Guildford through the period as Blaz Emersic netted at 29.39 to level the game. In a period dominated by special teams Clarke netted his second on a powerplay at 31.59 to put the visitors back ahead but Slough dominated the second period and rightly ended it tied after Joe Greener netted another powerplay goal at 35.57.

The third period saw the teams share 29 shots with Slough again dominating the shooting but nothing could separate the score-line. Guildford came close when they rattled the post towards the end of regulation time and both teams took their timeouts within the final three minutes but the game still went to overtime.

Both teams started overtime aggressively and Skinns dealt with the two shots he faced as Rockman dealt with the first three he faced but Guildford’s fourth shot of overtime saw Milos Melicherik score the game winning goal.

Slough: Long 1+1; Poljacek 0+2; Emersic & J Greener 1+0; Ward & Knight 0+1. Net: Rockman (63.56) 40/4
Guildford: Clarke 2+1; Melicherik 1+1; Smital 1+0; Masa 0+1. Net: Skinns (63.56) 54/3

Period Scores: 0-2/3-1/0-0/0-1
Shots On Goal: 40-54
Penalty Minutes: 40-54
Time-outs: 57.09 / 58.27
Referee: N Bonniface. Linesmen: S Hogarth & K Biggs

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